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FEMA Trailers


I don’t know enough about FEMA to properly criticize the agency, but this is some effed-up shit. Our friend from Baton Rouge showed us this site before dropping us off on Rte. 190 in Louisiana. There are thousands upon thousands of FEMA trailers in this field, which apparently stretches for three miles or so. All of them were brand new, and have been sitting here rotting away for about 3 years. The story is that a handful of people tried to sue FEMA because the trailers were making them feel nauseous due to the “new-car smell”—-glue and formaldehyde. SO long-story short, they took all these trailers and stuck’em in a field. The government pays $300,000 a year in rent. That’s almost a million in rent thus far, plus the costs of the trailers, which I certainly can’t calculate. Good-bye, tax dollars!



3 replies on “FEMA Trailers”

Wonderful post. The photos are gorgeous, thanks for sharing. And yes, Cochon was absolutely worth it… can’t wait to go back for more.

Hey I am glad to see that you both are making it ok. I am the girl from the paper in Millport AL that did the story for our newspaper. I mailed copies to the address that ya’ll gave me. Keep us posted when you can.

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