Cold Soul or Spoiler of Spoils


One of the bloggers that I subscribe to, The Portland Pickle, recently posted a link to this article in GOOD Magazine. After viewing such an eclectic range of refrigerators and their contents, I just could not resist photographing my own. I guess I feel that it is rather pedestrian as far as fridges go, but that’s probably because I gaze longingly into it so often for something that is not there that I am no longer struck by either it’s beauty or disgrace. I feel that at present it is in a rather stripped down state, and also rather color coordinated, which I did not notice until snapping the photos. I’m sorry if my refrigerator is more stylish than your own, but them’s the breaks, kid!

Incidentally, the photographer for this refrigerator project, Mark Menjivar is going to have an exhibit here in Portland at Ampersand, that begins at the end of September and runs through the month of October.


vs. Carnegie Deli

Kenny & Zukes
I failed to bring a lunch to work today, and since my girlfriend was working in the area, I called and asked her if she could pick me up a sandwich or something, maybe from this place called Kenny & Zukes; maybe something with meat on it. So she drops off this monster, the ‘Meshugaletta’, pastrami, salami, roast beef, turkey, swiss, and a spicy pickle relish. When she passed me the bag, I almost dropped it, it was so heavy.