I Went to Spirit Mountain and it Was Effin’ Lame.

I am sad to say that I missed my blogs anniversary date, which was Dec. 14th 2008. Also, I feel I must acknowledge that I have more or less allowed the blog to languish, especially since I rejected the ol’ internet at home. However, I have come up with a time-honoured remedy to blog abandonment which I hope will work in this here’n’s case, as well. I am going to cook my way through a cookbook, and I think that I have chosen a good one. At this point, if I ever had a solid readership at all, I’m afraid they have fallen away, but hopefully the upcoming endeavor will renew their interests, and yours, dear reader.

6 replies on “I Went to Spirit Mountain and it Was Effin’ Lame.”

I’m glad you didn’t go too far into…”the mist.” Sca–ry! The cookbook deal sounds nice, kind of Julie&Julia-like. Not comparing, just saying. it was actually okay. I had to watch it with my old lady, so, you know. I look forward to checking out the recipes soon. Merry ChristmaHannuKwaanzakah!


I should mention that Spirit Mountain is a casino, and that I went there for work. I haven’t been to Julie & Julia, but I have a boomin’ granny crush on Meryl Streep, so I’ll see it eventually.

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