“I moved forward slowly in line, my half-bottle of Sancerre balancing on my tray, which I slid along the rail in front of me, and, not finding any glasses, apart from the plastic cups piled up on the counter, I went to ask him if I could have a glass made of glass. A glass, you know, a good ol’ glass. Why, are those not glasses? he said pointing to the little plastic cups. I said yes, kind of, but I explained that I would prefer a real glass, if that was possible. A real glass, he said. Yes, it’s much nicer, I said while distractedly scratching the table. He looked at me. You got to admit it, I said in a soft voice, you got to admit it. All right, you want a glass, is that it? he said, annoyed, getting up from his stool. Yes, a glass, I said, that didn’t seem to be to be an extravagant request. A stemmed glass if you could, I added cautiously (better to be picky than embittered in life, right?)”


~ by Catastrophysicist on January 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “half-sunny”

  1. I should check out this Toussaint guy. Sounds interesting. He sounds dreamy like Robbe-Grillet.

    • I keep putting Robbe-Grillet off. Perhaps I should queue up a few on my library holds list. Toussaint is a humourous author, and is able to somehow create a ton of tension through ordinary, extremely mundane daily activities. I started reading his books because they were short, and lately I’ve not had enough time to dedicate myself to a huge book. They’re nice, because you can easily finish his books in one or two sitting. A good number of my favorite South American authors share this characteristic. For instance, César Aira, and Horacio Castellanos Moya, although they are perhaps more funny and terrifying, than funny and mundane.

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