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Food Cart Fridays: The Sugar Cube

I’d been in the mood for a cupcake for a while now, and Gabrielle always has a hankering for one, so I thought what better way to rectify this situation than by paying a visit to The Sugar Cube and picking up a couple of what by many, many accounts is the best cupcake in town.

Behold: The Chocolate Caramel Potato Chip Cupcake!

So, the hype is real. . . this cupcake was mad good, and I basically wish that I had ordered 4 of them instead of 2. Here’s the breakdown: it’s a super dark chocolate cake, with a dark chocolate ganache, with Ruffles jammed into the top and smothered in caramel sauce. Pretty much everything about it was perfect. Some Portland transplant ahead of me in line said it “sounds disgusting” and when asked if she was serious, tried to play it off like she was saying it ironically, like it sounds “bad!” or something. Some people. In any case, if anyone in Portland was considering making a trip out to try one of these, and were on the fence about heading out of the house in this miserable weather that we are getting into, then here is some incentive–Kirsten (the owner) is closing up the Cube for 3 months to focus on working on a cookbook for Chronicle Books. So this weekend is your last chance to catch this motherfucker! (until spring)

The Sugar Cube
Mississippi Marketplace
4233 N Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR

8 replies on “Food Cart Fridays: The Sugar Cube”

That woman is literally Hitler. Her disgust at the notion of these awesome cupcakes does not equate to the murder of millions of Jews, it IS the murder of millions of Jews.

wow. that looks absolutely AMAZING. the girl i work with recently left the world of banquets to work at a cupcake shop. their stuff is no where near the level of awesomeness the sugar cube seems to possess. last time we spoke, seemed they were looking into a smores cupcake…kidstuff compared to this potato chip cupcake.

I recommend that they bite the styles, yet try and make it their own, like maybe sticking some Kettle Chips up in it instead. I wish I could have eaten one of The Sugar Cube’s Amy Winehouse cupcakes, but unfortunately, it was away in rehab.

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