Terror, Cupcake. Terror.

Is it too soon for another cupcake post? I thought so, too. Let’s talk about the Portland “Turkey Bomber” instead. If you didn’t know, a young man, 19, named Mohamed Osman Mohamud tried to detonate a car bomb next to this Christmas tree lighting ceremony, an implied attack on Christian morals and values, that was held the day after Thanksgiving here in Portland, OR. I know, on the face of it this is simply shocking, and would have been a terrible tragedy if this event were authentic and not a completely fabricated propaganda scheme set in motion by the FBI. Some people outside of the mainstream news media in the city believe that the reasons behind this bomb scare stem from Portland’s refusal to participate in the Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI, indeed the only major city in the US to decline. The JTTF was seen as essentially an agreement that gives Federal control over local police. Of course, after this “act of terror” the City Council appears willing to change course and join the JTTF. So this, in addition to the general public being scared shitless (and maybe even willing to forgive airport screening?) makes this all a success, no matter what the final verdict on Mr. Mohamed turns out to be.

But why is this all a fake scheme? The mantra here is “the threat was real”, but it wasn’t. There was never a threat, unless you count the FBI as one. The FBI successfully stopped a plot that it had manufactured itself. They hunted out and found a disillusioned young immigrant boy, who had abstract thoughts about what was being done to Muslims by the United States, and they sent him a couple of undercover jihadists to help him along in his indoctrination, and provide him with EVERYTHING he needed to follow through with this plot, including the van, the bomb and, I believe, the true desire to do it. I mean, they also paid his rent. This is not to completely exonerate him, but come on, this dumb kid didn’t stand a chance against a team of highly trained federal psychological specialists. No one would. I’m pretty sure that starting from the right seed they could get anyone to perform any act that could be dreamed up.

This article from is an excellent criticism of the whole plot. All I can really say about the matter is that I am not any more afraid, rather I am extremely angry, and seeing this story unfold has made me question this so called War on Terror from a fresh perspective. It makes me question all of the plots that have come before it, including the shoe-bomber, and the underwear-bomber. Try to remember that the person who was pawned into this set-up will be largely forgotten, while the possibility of being blown-up while running errands will remain. This is a game of psychological warfare, and the whole community has been victimized.

I wish i could say that these cupcakes were the bomb, so that I could have focused this post on them instead, but they were only a ‘B’ at best. They’re from Ad Hoc at Home. Make the brownies instead.

Oh, and by the way, there is an ongoing trial at the moment of a couple of white folks in Woodburn, OR who successfully detonated a bomb at a bank killing 2 police officers. Funny how the FBI weren’t all over that one, and how the suspects in that case aren’t considered terrorist, either.