Head-to-Toe Mailing Products

I’ve decided to ramp up my presence on Zazzle, and thus far, I am most satisfied with this Pig’s Head Postage Stamp. About every 4 or 5 months I get a check from them for 50 bucks or so because people in Australia seem to love the bacon shoes I designed and posted a couple years ago. So I thought, Why not stick some bacon on some other shit? That’s what I’ve been doing today, along with some other designs revolving mainly around beets. Heh, what the hell, right?

3 replies on “Head-to-Toe Mailing Products”

Unfortunately, this item offended the sensibilities of the Zazzle review staff: “Unfortunately, it appears that your product, Pigs Head Postage Stamp, contains content that is not suitable for printing at We will be removing this product from the Zazzle Marketplace shortly.”

I was listening to Alice Cooper on the way home in the car the other day and he was talking about bacon flavoured vodka. It didn’t really appeal, but made me think of your bacon inspired accessories. 🙂
I’m sorry Zazzle didn’t get your pig postage stamp.

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