More Things I Walked Past in My Efforts to Keep Lucia from Screaming at Me

If I do this one more time, Im afraid my blog is going to traipse into a new format. My baby never screams at me, either. I was just saying that. She does like getting her diappy changed in fancy coffee shops, though.

Apparently, Portland draws the line at transvestite-hipster-mermen. Straight Decapitated!

Look! It’s a Jihadi Dumpster!

Finally, someone took it upon themselves to stick a ton of sideways poontangs all over this sign for a mini-round-about. I’ve been bored before, too, but I usually just end up napping. Respect due to the bored person responsible for this indecent forum of ‘real pink eye’s’.

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Some Things from a Walk

Dandelions are really taking over. Now there’s this ultra-dangerous mutant version. I’m going to try and swing back by the spot I saw it in a few days and see if it transitions to its standard yellow mop top.

Whoever’s up in the Thomas the Train bike is on his grind. All the little kids on the Hawthorne Bridge wanted to be this little guy. Me too, sort of. . . Not really.

There’s really no way else to put it: this dude hustling over the Burnside Bridge looked like he’d just been bone’t out by a pony. It was a trip.


Status Update

Well, since we had our baby, I have found it difficult to keep up with posts for this blog. I have a tendency to let posts get a bit unruly from time to time over here, and thus I started an easier, less demanding blog project that revolves specifically around doughnuts. If you are a reader of this blog and happen to consider reading about doughnuts, or eating them, an adequate or better use of a part of your day, then my other blog will no doubt quickly become required reading for you. If not, than perhaps you enjoy hyperbole? That’s the main two things going over there. Doughnuts and hyperbole. I still intend to post here, and maybe, very often again, someday. But, we’re going through a lot of changes at the moment, so for the time being it will be sporadic at best.

Without further ado:

Destination Doughnut

ps: I would actually be happy to have guest posts on Destination Doughnut, so if you are interested in doing a doughnut review, then by all means, email me at