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The expectation that I had set for myself was that I would start writing a daily entry on this blog…yesterday. It didn’t work out that way, and that is okay. One of my kids got sick, and we all spent New Years Day acting as though we all were hungover, even though I am trying not to drink–I didn’t on NYE–and my children are children. We watched movies and snuggled in bed all day long, and by the time we started watching “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” after a takeaway dinner from Franks Noodle House, it was too late. I had already forgotten about doing this. It is towards the end of the second day of the year now, and I spent a long while earlier deliberating whether I should do a back-dated post, followed by, well, this post, but then the deliberation of committing a subterfuge in order to start ultimately felt wrong, and also almost (and perhaps, most alarming) kept me from starting again today. So here we are, a day late, with a post about yesterday, written today, and no one noticed, and everything is fine. My expectation is that from now on my posts will not be excuses, but, they may be explanations, and hopefully someday, something worthwhile.  Happy New Year!


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