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I said “Hey, Now! Another Mixtape!”

What up, blogosphere? I’m having a restorative Friday night inside in preparation for my (observed) birthday weekend, which will begin tomorrow morning, and last until my real birthday which is November 20th. You all won’t believe what I’m really getting for it, but I will share the joy when the time comes. In the meantime, I decided not to party too hard tonight because tomorrow we are having a night out on the town. We are going to dine out at a fancy restauarant, and then Gabrielle is going to drive me across town where I will probably drink a few beers somewhere before we enter the renowned Cinema 21 and participate(?)/view, I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but the bottom line is that we’re going to watch a ton of homemade porn at this event called the Hump! Festival hosted by one Dan Savage, you know, the gay dude who lets you know (rather harshly as I recall) that it is not cool to not go down on your gf when it’s like totally Woman Season. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that front—the Crimson Tide is a non-starter on the real! Euphemisms abound!

So I spent the evening listen to tunes and checking out this cool website where you can host live streaming mixtapes. One of my friends described it as a tumblr for music, and I’d have to agree with that. I did both this time. I made a mixtape in Garageband with slick transitions and whatnot, and then I also went ahead and uploaded the same songs in the same order on the 8tracks website. For some reason, I named the mix Billy D Did A Reading Poster, Too. The main reason is probably because I got it into my head that i was going to drink a Colt 45 earlier, for science, but I have as yet chickened out, and it’s chillin’ the fresh way up in my freezer. Which reminds me that I should take it out before it explodes!

Here’s my link to the my: 8track site page.

Here is the link to: the Downloadable Mix.

Bat for Lashes – Horse & I
Keep Shelly in Athens – Running Out of You
Grimes – Sagred [something in Russian]
jj – Let Them (T.I. Cover)
Weekend – Coma Summer
Tennis – Cape Dory
HTRK – Waltz Real Slow
Plastic Flowers – We Just Had More Fun
Mogwai – 2 Rights Makes 1 Wrong
CFCF – It Was Never Meant To Be This Way

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Autumn Mix

This is the first digital mixtape that I have ever attempted, and as such it is a bit rough around the edges. However, I stand by the content. I spent a while trying to work my way through the GarageBand program that my laptop came equipped with, and which I ignored for 5 years until today. Since I figured out how it works on a very basic level, this is a very basic mix, but I like doing it, so hopefully I will learn a bit more sophisticated techniques for future mixes. I hope someone enjoys it . . . !

Welcome to Autumn – m4a Mixtape

The mp3 Version

1. Alpha – Come from Heaven
2. Grimes – AVI
3. Teen Porn – Living End
4. Fred Thomas – Little Songs
5. Crystal Stilts – The Dazzled
6. Warpaint – Burgundy
7. Ms. John Soda – Solid Ground
8. Plastic Flowers – Take Me Home
9. Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station
10. Active Child – I’m in your Church at Night
11. Fela Kuti – Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am

ps. I’m hoping to find a way to set up a worthwhile embedded player. I tried 2 different services today that were shoddy at best, and that is why there is only the download link.