Of Montréal Will Play Your Wedding


I haven’t been to see a cover band since I was about ten, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me that at the New Year’s Eve Of Montreal show in Athens, GA, the band kept rolling out the hits! I know it’s almost the 3rd over here, and usually reviews are best ASAP after seeing or hearing things, but I just regained consciousness, so cut me some slack this time. Everything was all whirlwind and heat on hot, sweaty bodies, so with a couple of stand-out exceptions–when the crowd went ¡((absolutely bananas))!–honestly, I didn’t remember most of the show until I looked up all the video’s down below, and in retrospect, I have to say it was pretty awesome. It went something like this: These two hair metal dudes strutted out and amped-up, dsc_0842and delved into a 20 minute sludge meltdown, and first things second these crazy gold dudes came out and that part was really too bizarre to relate, before a bunch of beach bums came out and started bopping around a beach ball in bikinis and speedoes and lusting after one another. Then the lusting took a turn and all out the wind a satanist or something started to banging on a nun (who loved it) and from there the scene progressed into a downright orgy with all kinds a different beasts and biblical persons getting down all over the place.mouthful1 At some point the sex wasn’t enough, and blood and sacrifice began. There was at least a giraffe, a swine, a tiger, and possibly more animals, it was all so chaotic and bestial. The giraffe was decapitated with a machete, and the head and neck was drained of its blood by these red witches before it all was flung into some abyss or another, then the witches brought the pig up onto this alter and slathered all this blood onto the pigs body while it basked and luxuriated in this vital marinade like a pig in shit. And during this sequence is when my mind hit infinity, and all the rest was a blur before a Rolling Stones tune brought me back to reality.



As for the actual set, the tunes flowed seamlessly from what I could tell, with tons of people partying on stage, and the crowd having a real blast. The highlight for me was the segue from the Lennon tune Instant Karma which (almost) put me to sleep, into Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was the bananas part I mentioned above. The only disappointment was that they didn’t play The Past is a Grotesque Animal, which I think is one of the songs of the decade, but that’s cool, you know, I’ll live. A bunch of other funny stuff happened after the show ended, but the GF would probably have a meltdown if I related the story of her ‘missed connection’ here, so I’ll let that go. So, I’ll end here with a pic of the beautiful and darling Kevin Barnes, and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Here’s the set list, with links to video’s for most of the tunes:

Spend the night together – Rolling Stones
Sweet emotion – Aerosmith
Immigrant song – Led Zeppelin
Head on – The Jesus and Mary Chain
American Girl – Tom Petty
New Years Day – U2
Walking on sunshine – Katrina and the Waves (Hilarious Techno Ver.)
Kids in America – Kim Wilde
Melody Day – Caribou
Hang on to yourself – David Bowie
Love to love u – Donna Summer
Judy is a punk – The Ramones
Take me out – Franz Ferdinand
Ever fallen in love – Buzzcocks
Instant karma – John Lennon
Smells like teen spirit – Nirvana

Elegant caste
So Begins our Alabee
Id engager
She’s Rejector