“The whole secret lies in arbitrariness. People usually think it is easy to be arbitrary, but it requires much study to succeed in being arbitrary so as not to lose oneself in it. One does not enjoy the immediate, but something quite different which he can arbitrarily control. You go to see the middle of a play, you read the third part of a book. By this means you insure yourself of a very different kind of enjoyment from that which the author has been so kind as to plan for you. You enjoy something entirely accidental; you consider the whole existence from this standpoint; let it’s reality be stranded thereon. I will cite an example. There was a man whose chatter certain circumstances made it necessary to listen to. At every opportunity he was ready with a little philosophical lecture, a very tiresome harangue. Almost in despair, I suddenly discovered that he perspired copiously when talking. I saw the pearls of sweat gather on his brow, unite to form a stream, glide down his nose, and hang at the extreme point of his nose in a drop-shaped body. From the moment of making this discovery, all was changed. I even took pleasure in inciting him to begin his philosophical instruction, merely to observe the perspiration on his brow and the end of his nose.”



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Catastrophysicist: This is a great blog. Everything-blogs are the best blogs, and particularly pleased to see that yours is going to feature cooking and cycling. And music and books. And public radio. Thanks for writing…

You must stop selling the free guwop sticker you have on zazzle. You used an unauthorized image of my gucci mane ice cream cone sculpture and are selling reproductions of my artwork. I am currently pursuing you through zazzles infringement department.

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