Saturday with Lucia

Before we left the house I managed to give her a nice big bottle which knocked her out for a little while. She was getting a kind of fussy as I was preparing for us to leave, but then she fell asleep on my shoulder. When she’s asleep is the best time to sneak a bottle in. Otherwise, she rejects it outright.

After we hit the bank and the post office we walked past a cool mural at FAB PDX down on Distillery Row. I tried to talk her into a few distillery tours, but she told me she only likes tequila, and none of those guys are making that yet.

So we headed down to the water front and checked out the Hawthorne Bridge. You can get right down on the water via these little mini-piers they have set up. They are pretty cool spots, pleasantly undulating in the currents of the water. There were two other guys down there. One was reading and the other was fishing and enjoying a cold one.

After that we headed over to Pioneer Courthouse Square to check out this protest the Radical Left was having this afternoon. The theme was ‘How is the War Economy Working for You?’ Lucia thought it was a bore, and decided to sleep through it. But, you can’t expect a little noodle to understand these kinds of things yet. Her dad wanted to go down because he has a few strong feelings and opinions about what is going on in this country. Unfortunately, I was turned off by the scene. There is a reason these folks are on the fringe. Stoned, disheveled, and crazy isn’t a good look for anybody (except maybe really hot babes, of which there was decidedly none here), let alone folks who are trying to save the world. It just comes off as amateurish, and basically laughable, which is how most people I overheard passing by on the street read the event.

I’m sure this could sway a few minds, though:

After that we headed over to Powell’s to pick up a few books. Bringing a stroller into that place is not advisable, but we stopped giving a damn about people’s opinions of stroller pushers a few months ago. People melt when they see this baby, anyway, lol! She slept through this particular nightmare shopping experience. We bought the Ottolenghi cookbook Plenty. We love Ottolenghi around here these days. Fabulous, fresh and and easy seasonal recipes abound! Highly recommended!! We also got a copy of the latest GRANTA, this quarters theme being ALIENS (the illegal or otherwise immigrant kind, mainly) then got the hell out of there, and back down to the water-front. Lucia was getting antsy for a bottle by this point, but she has a pretty sophisticated palette, and scoffed when I offered her a bottle of cold milk. We were lamping in front of the Steel Bridge as she rejected my meager offering.

On our way back to the house Daddy decided to check this bombed-out warehouse in the SE Industrial District.

Lucia thought it would be funny to re-enact the scene from Tropic Thunder where Tugg Speedman gets riddled with bullets running back to the helicopter. Not really sure what brought that on, but we went with it. She’s a funny bird.

Speaking of funny, Lucia couldn’t get enough of the Sunshine Room, even after I told her that this is where heroin-chic junkies ascend to the outer-realms. I made her promise she’d never wear neon-orange lipstick, unless she grew up to be eccentric and rich.

This is when it finally dawned on her where daddy had taken her:


~ by Catastrophysicist on March 19, 2011.

11 Responses to “Saturday with Lucia”

  1. It looks like she had a most memorable day! I hope you read her the best bits from Granta at bedtime.

  2. I love the story you make with your photo’s. laughed my ass off on the last one. Thanks for the laughter.p.s. It is you who lead me towards Ad hoc and home. thanks.

    • Thanks, Nicole! I always say that I owe the majority of my chops in the kitchen to Thomas Keller. . . my favorite by him is Bouchon. It’s not as accessible or as fun as Ad Hoc, but there is a lot of explicit technique in the book that is infinitely educational!

  3. I love it. That girl has really got it together!

  4. Really terrific pictures—and a funny narrative! I think my favorite one is Lucia in the bombed-out warehouse in the SE Industrial District.

  5. Looks like you both had a great day out! I hope you’re going to write about the recipes in Plenty. The picture on the cover looks delicious!

    • This missus has taken over a lot of the cooking these days, which has been nice because she errs towards less sodium and (actual) fat in the things she cooks. I picked up both of their books for her b/c of the very strong reputation they have for vege dishes. Plenty is actually a compendium of articles that were written for a weekly article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper (which is still ongoing: ) The only thing that I’ve snapped a pic of was the Polenta Upside-Down Cake from Ottolenghi: the Cookbook, which Gabrielle made for us last week!

      • I did think Plenty (thanks for the link to the articles) was a change of direction as far as your recipes go 🙂 Despite my best intentions, I still haven’t tried making the pork belly reuben you wrote about. I need another marathon to train for to soak up all that fat! Gabrielle’s updside-down cake looks yummy.

      • If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t made that particular reuben again, either!

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